Winter Circuit, 2021

PSA Recognized International Digital Photography Exhibition.




Each participant can submit up to 4 images per section

Open Colour (PIDC)
Open Monochrome (PIDM)
Photo Travel (PTD)
Theme- People (PIDC)
Theme- Child (PIDM)


Closing On

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Nov, 2021

Judging Starts

0 th
Nov, 2021

Judging Ends

0 th
Dec, 2021


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Dec, 2021


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Jan, 2022

Online Gallery

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Feb, 2022

Online Catalogue

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Feb, 2022

Award Mailing

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Feb, 2022

Organizing Clubs



in Total

All awards will be sent via India Post.

All awards for clubs/groups will be send to any single address provided by the key person of the club.


Mr. Suman Bhattacharyya (MPSA, EFIAP/B, ARPS), India

Mr. Konark Basu (AFIAP, EFIP), India

Mr. Manash Das (MPSA, EFIAP/B), India

Mr. Koshal Basu (EFIAP/B, EPSA, FFIP, EFIP/G), India

Mr. Pushpendu Paul (EFIAP, EFIP), India

Mr. Achinta Kumar Saha (GMPSA, EFIAP/PLATINUM, FFIP, GPU CROWN 4), India

Mr. Pandula Bandara (GMPSA, BPSA, LRPS), Sri Lanka

Ms. Yuk Fung Garius Hung (EPSA, EFIAP, GPU-VIP2, GPU-CR2), Hong Kong

Mr. Sanjoy Sengupta (GMPSA/B, BPSA, EFIAP/BRONZE, LRPS), India

Mr. Swapan Mukerjee (EFIAP, FFIP, HON MFIP-NATURE), India

Mr. Abir Das (EFIAP, EFIP), India

Dr. Shourjendra Datta (EPSA, EFIAP, GPU-VIP1, GPU-CR3), India

Mr. Subrata Bysack (APSA, GMPSA/P, EFIAP/G, GPU CR5, GPU VIP5), India

Mr. Abhijit Banerjee (SPSA, HON.FICS, EFIAP), India

Mr. Anil Risal Singh (MFIAP, ARPS), India

Mr. Suniel Marathe (GMPSA, ARPS, EFIAP/P) India

Mr. Soumen Das (EFIP, EFIAP, PPSA, BPSA), India

Mr. Suvojit Biswas (MPSA, EFIAP, GPU CR-1), India

Entry Fees

For Foreign Entrants: First 2 Sections US $35.00 and each Additional Section at US $5.00 each.

All fees are global.

Payment by PayPal at exhibition website or PayPal to [email protected]
Countries where PayPal is not available can contact at [email protected]
for direct bank transfer only. No other way of payment is allowed.

For Indian Entrants: First 2 Sections INR 2450.00 and each Additional Section INR 350.00 each.

Bank Details for NEFT / Net Banking / Cheques:
Name: Swati Maulik
Bank: Union Bank of India
Account Number: 683302010007258
Branch: HABRA
IFSC: UBIN0568333

Cash deposit and out station cheque are not eligible.
For Indian Entrants sharing payment proof to [email protected] is mandatory for database updating.

For Club/group of:
10 people or above: US $30 or INR 2000.00 per head for all sections.
Club/ Group members must be within the same Country. For Group Discount Group Leader should approach to the Chairman for Discount Reference Code. All awards for clubs/groups will be send to any single address provided by the key person of the club/group. Entries received without proper fee and beyond closing date will not be judged and fee will not be refunded.

Circuit Chairman (General):

Priyankar DattaguptaEFIAP, EFIP

31, Pratapaditya Road, P.O.- Nabapalli, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata – 700126, West Bengal, India

Mob: +91 8697730856

Email: [email protected]

Circuit Secretary (Judging Advisory):


38, Indraprastha, P.O.- Hridaypur, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata- 700127, West Bengal, India

Mob: +91 9331075218

Email: [email protected]


Photographic Society of America Recognition No.: 2021-1648

Terms & Conditions

All the entrants are humbly requested to kindly read the Terms and Conditions carefully, especially the following clauses before uploading their images to validate their worthy entries as per PSA guidelines:
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