Prismatic Purulia 2.0

Prismatic Purulia 2.0

Finest Colours ofPuruliaThrough Your Lens

Join us on our Guided Photo Tour to Purulia this winter, mentored by Renowned Cultural Photographer Mr. Priyankar Dattagupta & get a chance to explore the nearly-extinct Adivasi Villages, their culture and lifestyle through your lens.


Priyankar Dattagupta


Capturing the world around him for nearly a decade, Priyankar has established himself to be counted as one of the leading personalities among his photographic peers.

Tour Details

Prismatic Purulia is a comprehensive Photo Tour of Purulia guided by our mentor, Mr. Priyankar Dattagupta. In this photo tour, you'll be able to explore the colours and cultures of the remotest Adivasi villages in best of their outlooks.

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Prismatic Purulia2.0

Join this guided photo tour of Purulia this winter and bring back a host of colourful and truly prismatic photo stories from the authentic Adivasi lives and their lifestyle.

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Purulia by Priyankar Dattagupta (8)

Guided Photo Tour

Terms & Conditions

  • Anything that is not listed above excludes our package & has to be borne by the individuals.
  • Seats are available only against Rs.3,500.00 in advance. Rest to be paid in two installments. First installment Rs.2,000.00, to be paid within 30 days from booking.
  • Remaining amount Rs.1999.00 to be paid before 10 days of the photo tour (01st February 2022).
  • Cancellation Rules:
    • No refund of the Advance Amount will be provided against any cancellation made by individuals.
    • Rest Refundable Amounts are as follows:
      • 29 days to 15 days prior to schedule date -40% of photo tour fee.
      • 15 days to 7 days of schedule date -20% of photo tour fee.
      • Within 7 days of schedule date – 0% of photo tour fee.
  • All the meals will be provided at scheduled time.
  • Any changes of the schedule will be informed to individuals in advance, but schedule changes or cancellations due to train late or natural calamities may not be informed in advance & refund will not be provided in such cases.
  • While it is our endeavor to make the itinerary as accurate as possible, it should be considered as an approximate schedule of activities rather than a rigid schedule of events. Trip itineraries are subject to revision due to weather conditions, government restrictions, and other reasons beyond our control.

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