Prismatic Purulia

Capture the True Essence ofPurulia, with the Finest Details

Join us on our Guided Photo Tour to Purulia this winter, mentored by Acclaimed Human Element Photographer Mr. Abir Das & get a chance to explore the most beautiful of Adivasi Villages, their culture and lifestyle through your lens.


Abir Das


With more than 17 years' of experience, Abir is a well accomplished internationally acclaimed photographer.

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Prismatic Purulia is a comprehensive Photo Tour of Purulia guided by our mentor, Mr. Abir Das. In this photo tour, you'll be able to explore the colours and cultures of the remotest Adivasi villages in best of their outlooks.

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Photo Tour

Join this guided photo tour of Purulia this winter and bring back a host of colourful and truly prismatic photo stories from the authentic Adivasi lives and their lifestyle.

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Guided Purulia Photo Tour

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